Monday, January 14, 2013

Cardiology: Good News!

Jacob had his yearly Cardiology appointment in December this year instead of waiting for January (due to a change in our insurance and wanting to fit it in before our new deductible took effect).  We had a great visit.  Jacob is so great at cooperating for the nurses and doctors.  He was excited to see his heart doctor so he could "get the goop (gel for echocardiogram) and a sucker".


We got wonderful news from Dr. Etheridge- Jacob's heart actually looks better than it did last year!  His Aortic Root Dilatation z-score is down to 3.5 (still not in normal parameters but an improvement from last year) and his Aortic Branch Stenosis has decreased.  Dr. Etheridge wants him active and happy- which he is!  Jacob was talking up a storm about school, turtles, Christmas, and anything he could think of.  She wants us to watch for him struggling in school (which is common for kids with heart defects due to lower oxygen levels effecting learning) so we can get additional assistance if needed.  Luckily we have not seen any signs that he might struggle in that area.

We love Dr. Etheridge!

Whew! I was kinda stressed since we have had such a cruddy medical year in our family. Merry early Christmas to us.  Now if only we can get through the highly germ filled winter!

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